[Giveaway] Vole Media CHM Ultimate | 6 Month License


The excellent Vole Media CHM Ultimate has the ability to creates HTML5 multimedia CHM based on commonly used word processing documents. This amazing tool also converts word documents to the Sanwhole PageShare website and then compiles the website to multimedia-based CHM via Microsoft standard compiler.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy the HTML 5 multimedia CHM without installing any software.
  • Create the CHM using a built-in Office Word editor and enjoy the Microsoft Office user experience without Microsoft Office installed.
  • Use more than 100 advanced Microsoft style professional tables

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10. 32-bit&64-bit

Price: $30/ 6-month

How to get the Vole Media CHM Ultimate license key for free?

Step 1. Click HERE to download the installer for Sanwhole studio.

Step 2. Open this application, click on the circle button in the upper left corner (on the main software window), then choose About/Redeem and log in with your existing Sanwhole account or create a new account if you don’t have one. When logging in successful, enter your mail and the below redeem code to redeem the software:


Step 3. Get Vole Media CHM Ultimate for a 6-Month free!


  • This is a 6-Month license for Vole Media CHM Ultimate
  • Non-commercial usage
  • No free update and tech support