[Giveaway] Nikon NX Studio

Nikon NX Studio software offers a full-fledged suite of intuitive tools for viewing, processing, and editing photos and videos. It combines the photo-and-video-viewing features of ViewNX-i with the photo-processing and retouch tools of Capture NX-D in a single, comprehensive workflow. Not only can it be used to process RAW pictures, but its editing tools—including tone curves and brightness and contrast adjustment—can also be applied to JPEG/TIFF images. It also offers a variety of features for such tasks as editing XMP/IPTC data, managing presets, viewing maps that show shooting locations based on location data embedded in pictures, and uploading pictures to the Web.

Download the installer using a below link
for-Windows | for-macOS


  1. Download and install Nikon NX Studio.
  2. There is no need to register it with any license key, because it comes pre-registered, but make sure to follow all on-screen instructions.

Enjoy! :+1: