Get Youtube Premium for Rs. 30 for 30 Days

Hello 1Hackerz

Get Youtube Premium for Rs. 30 for 30 Days

Step 1 - Go to Website
Step 2 - Register yourself with Gmail account, Confirm your account and Login to account.

Step 3 - After that You are now at Dashboard click on Add New Plan and wait to Page load fully

Step 4 - now you see Youtube Premium Plan in Pricing Table Click buy Now.
Step 5 - At Checkout Page
Step 6 - make a Payment on Payment Gateway
Step 7 - note down your payment ID
Step 8 - Now Contact a live Chat Option on Website and Give a gmail id for you want a youtube premium

Step 9 - you will recieve a Invitation from on your given gmail address and accept it
and Enjoy Youtube Premium for 30 days

Thanking You

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What’s the use of premium account? Even normal account seems too much to digest :sweat_smile:

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Yes @Hemant you can,
But it will give you a Ad free experience and music to listen. :smiley:


You can just use YouTube Vanced for ad free experience… Need to spend money​:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


yes definitely, i was use it before this, i loved to see Premium on youtube app

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can’t access the website “access denied”

strong text

thee re r much better app than ytube to listen music :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

ya, but you can’t make a playlist or save anything and you cant like or comment also.

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Thanks Purchased :grinning:

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Uee youtube vanced for ads free YOUTUBE

It’s only for android, not for pc

For that u should use uBlock Origin for youtube but for music i dont know.

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