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Profit with JavaScript | free Download

  • :computer: 5 Mini Projects
  • :man_technologist: Build Twitter Clone and Google Maps Application
  • :money_mouth_face: Build 2 real-world JavaScript projects worth $5,700 on Upwork
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Build 8 JavaScript Projects (Portfolio Ready)
  • :fire: Learn Advanced JavaScript (Prototyping, ES6)
  • :money_mouth_face: Master Freelancing Skills as a Developer

sales page : https://cleverprogrammer.unstacksite.com/pwj

download: here



Great share dude :metal:

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If you could share us Refeh qazi another program is

The Profitable Programmer 2.0

Sales page: https://course.profitableprogrammer.co/pp-2019

By the way thanks for this also
I was very much expecting this course to learn


I’m very grateful for this nice share. Thanks a lot.


thanks a lot dude, you are the best

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Great job bro… <3

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excellent share bro

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if you need google drive link ,here Clever Programmer(Profit With Javascript)


thanks but that google drive link can expire anytime…and that mega drive link is my personal,so it will not expire…

Thank you life saver


just copy to your drive.mega has limits.so you can’t download entire folder in one time without tricks.but google can do that.

Thank you very much i hope that link it will not expire

Thank you very much for this sharing a lot and for the source you save me a lot ! tahnk you thank you thank you god will bless you friend

Second this, looks pretty interesting.

That is my personal drive link and will be valid till 1 year from now.so no chance of expiration.


Ok James thank you very much good luck friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@MikeBlueberry @Dinesh_Raja1
The Profitable Programmer 1.0 (98% same content as 2.0)


Thanks for the mega link :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you please share the github link of the source code please

Thanx bro!
Can you plz share updated one in that they added react project also.
It will more helpful…

Thanx in advance

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