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Hey, 1hackers,

This tutorial we are going to get a premiumize.me account for free.


So, First what is this service called Premiumize.me ?

Visit official website - Click here to read more about this service

Here’s all your answers mentioned below… Take a cup of coffee and I will explain you here all about this premium service and what does it offers.

The simple answer is it is a premium service that offers you to download torrents and other premium services direcly to a cloud service hosted in their server or you can simply call it a ALL IN ONE CLOUD DOWNLOADER that downloads anything you want to the cloud.

Features offered :-

1. Cloud Storage -

It offers 1TB cloud drive to all of its premium members. (After reading this article you can test it for free).


With this you can directly transfer files from the downloader or directly upload files from your computer to the cloud.

It’s complete safe to keep file here because every stored file is checked for Virus and Malware. It offers complete protection to our cloud and transfers as it has a very strict policy of No Tracking. No Snooping. And No Logs . Neither ISP, nor anybody else can peak into your transfers.

2. Remote Downloader -

The downloader remotely fetches links at high speed, protects your IP and transfers them to your cloud storage. You can download links from different premium file providers at once.

The Fair Use System which is included in every premium accounts starts out 1000 points that can be used over all of our services.To check all supported links you can see here

3. Apps & Plugins -

Premiumize.me works in your browser and integrates with many apps.

You can see the list here.

4. RSS Automation -

Another feature this premium service provides is really interesting. You can automate your downloads easily to your cloud storage with RSS feed. You can find the option after getting a premium account. After getting your premium account you can head over to this link to add your rss feed.

5. VPN Servers -

Another feature you can get is the VPN Servers. No need to pay extra for a VPN again. Because you will get free VPN with every premium account. After getting your Premium account you can head over to this link to learn the instructions. It offers various servers from different locations or countries so, you can choose the one you like and setup after reading the instructions. To find the location of different servers click here.

6. Download History -

There is also a feature to see the the download hsitory. Though it is disabled by deafault you need to turn it on manually. Visit this link and click on enable history. Also you can delete history if you want by clicking delete all history.

7. VoIP Calls -

Another premium feature you won’t find anywhere probably is the VoIP service which offers cheap calls all around the world. Click here to know how to setup with instructions. You can find the price list for different countries here.

8. FTP -

You can access your Premiumize.me Cloud with any FTP client. This is a beta option which will be available soon.

9. WeBDAV -

You can access your Premiumize.me Cloud with any WeBDAV client. This is a beta option which will be available soon.

I hope you liked the features provided by this premium service. You can purchase premium account by clicking this link I will get 15 days and you will get 15 days too.

Now, let me show you how you can get premiumize.me account for free for 7 days.

Step 1. Just signup at https://premiumize.me (or use existing free account)
Step 2. Press “Redeem Voucher” at here
Step 3. Enter Voucher code xmas2019 Note: Credit Card Not Required

Thank you and enjoy premiumize.me and its services purchase from my link if you want extra 15 days for free.


Thank you, nice one!

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Thank you, I need to get this Indexed on Search Engines, wait! :robot:

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After we store files online in their cloud and delete them later can we get that storage space back?
@TheSpecialOne I am new to this, sorry.

Thanks it worked

thank you so much!! it worked like a charm

Keep the good stuff coming :innocent:


Redeem Voucher : newcdn2020

  • Create Account : Here

  • Head over to My Account

  • Redeem Voucher at Premium Status


Not working


Check Mail if u recieved this Promo
Sorry, Iam not sure about New Users… :neutral_face:

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thanks this one worked for me!


Thanks bro, appreciated this. Nice share.

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Help Showing “There’s a problem with this coupon: Voucher not found.”

Voucher is Working Fine

Sign Up


OMG…it worked 100%…How come i dont know abut this site, its really useful…going to suggest to my friends, I already downloaded 500 gb of torrent file…really happy thank you guys …good job…!

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Thanks a lot buddy! This really worked for me. I appreciate your effort!

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Work Good Thx 10 days :rofl:


First of all thanks I got 10 days premium. But I can’t copy to Gdrive (remote upload via Colab) it’s says can’t download because Link generating IP is different than downloading IP.

Any Solution ??

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Rclone mount this premiumize service as disk and just copy. But the file limit is around 60gb at once I guess

Voucher is not working!