[GET] Online Ethical Hacking Tools

Hi, everyone. Today I want to share with you a website to make penetration testing and more for free.
Here it is: https://suip.biz/

You can scan Wordpress sites vulnerabilities
Detect Sql injections flaws
Bypass social locker
Find hidden subdomains
Identify cms
and much more

It’s like Kali Linux online. Go and explore.:grin:


Link Not work bro

Not helping, not working?!

Work great. Thanks

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fake site !!

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Fake :thinking:
I have used it multiple times without any problem.

Explain why you said that.

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Yes, the site works, but some times it prevents the connection.
Do not rush to make quick judgments


while downloading the report it will display the same page as pdf report ie home page :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Of course. that’s a fucking fake.

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Of course, you will get the same page if your action doesn’t give back any results.
I never said it was some kind of magic trick.
Here some of my results with subdomains discovery and sql injection detection

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