[GET] Good Collection of Ebooks for Programmer

Dear All,

Please find the below link of turbobit.ne, the collection of good books for software developers.

If you don’t have an account or don’t want to wait for a long time of downloading. Below is the premium link generator site for that open the below-provided link, copy the turbobit.net ebook link and past it inside the box after then click on generate the premium link button.

https://hyperdebrid.net (Of course it’s content the 5 ads)

Those who are facing the problem to generate the premium link you can check below link also you can google there are number sites will help you in such case.




bunch of ads only… didn`t redirected to download link

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tho i use the link it aint working

Have you check this post? [SOLVED] How to Download turbobit - #2 by SaM

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oh i ddidnt thankk y a lot

thanks a lot mate great content :smiley: , i tried a few links and it all works properly as you described it

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Well, premium for turbobit for just 1 week is like 5$.

@Dr.Jekyll, thank-you for the huge collection of resources.

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You welcome

This is an excellent collection. Thanks for posting this @Dr.Jekyll