Get Free Red Bull 24 Pack on your home address [UNEthical Way] 😬

Get Free Red Bull 24 Pack on your home address [UNEthical Way] :grimacing:

Difficulty: Easy

    1. Contact Red Bull on their official website in your country (by email).
    1. Say that you had a bad experience at college / highschool while drinking a Red Bull, you had a headache » for example.
    1. Don’t be over dramatic and be nice. Don’t say « What the fuck, that is horrible for a company as big as yours » for example
    1. Don’t ask for free cans, they will give them as a gift.
    1. Usually they ask for the can back, but you can say that you were far from home and after drinking it you just threw it in the bin, you were at school and it was a normal day so why would you keep the goddamn can
    1. They will say « We’re sorry about this, what’s your address so we can send you a free package of wings » or some shitt (it’s the Red Bull cans).
    1. You may receive less than 24 but in my country they are hella nice and that’s why we receive this many here.

8. Don’t copy paste this 1:1, be creative, say that you were at work or somewhere else, change a bit the story. If they receive 15x the same story they won’t send anything. Don’t say stuff like « I was at a restaurant and I ordered a Red Bull as a drink » because they will say maybe it’s the food that caused that.


This works for other things as well.
I contacted a feed manufacturer to complain about the texture and smell of my cat’s food (real complaint). But of course the cat didn’t even care and ended up eating everything. Still the customer service was super friendly and they sent me “sample” (6 packs) of the cat food I complained about and asked for my feedback. It can be a good “trick” when things are tough $ :sweat_smile:


Cheers to your cat, seems to be very noble… XD!!!

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