[GET] Free Netflix for 1 month (Exclusive on Onehack)

Hello 1Hackers,

Today I’m sharing “How to get Netflix account for 1 month” for Free


  • Now, click on Next and enjoy Netflix

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I want to buy envato elements???

How to used netflix.Got free version for one month.

Working fine bro Thank you bro!!!

Yay! Got it :heart:

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I’m quite sure you must install an extension to use the service. Check if you can enter your email and password details by enabling that extension

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Coupon usage limit exceeded :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Coupon usage limit exceeded :neutral_face:

Click on Download Extension and extract the .zip file into separate folder (say Toolzbuy) that is downloaded. Now, go to Extensions in the Browser you use and turn on the Developer Mode. Now, click on Load Unpacked and choose the folder that you extracted the file in (here, it is Toolzbuy). If while doing so, it throws an error stating that a particular extension must be removed, then DON’T CLICK ON OK but just switch off the Toolzbuy extension, remove the extension it said to remove and then Switch it on again. For example, if you have Cookie Edit installed, it will force you to uninstall this. If the extension keeps on saying to remove several extensions, then don’t click on OK for any of the error message. Just repeat the above until it stops showing the error. This is because, it may throw an error stating that manifest.json is not found (if you click on OK). It will just delete itself from the extensions and the above error will be thrown. So, you might have to re-extract and load the extension again. Make sure to pin the extension.

Now, you can go to the page where you ordered the pack and then click on Netflix link. Then you will see a page with a button saying Click Me. Click this button and then click on extension. Then you can access Netflix using the access button shown by the extension


Love you bro it work 100% thank you so much

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where is the extension to download ? I looked on the website there is not

Most probably would be top left or in options or settings, I guess. Too late to the party.

It will be here once you sign in

my friend, to log in to the account you have to pay for one of the plans, without meaning that, there is nothing free about it

I thought the coupon was working for you.

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You must buy into their product if you want to access the dashboard, so this wont work for those who don’t subscribe

Please see my recent reply to @RONI

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exactly, I didn’t like this post, or it’s free for testing or not, they should have explained it better :rofl:

Have anyone bought Envato accounts from this? Do they work?

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