[GET] Free Legal High Speed Free Seedbox!

Here you can get a free seedbox legally in trial for 1 week, all futures like premium, 100 gib disk space unlimited transfer but if you want to expand the trial time you must put this key d5e9KGQOqV3zME1R in Referral program page, you and your invitee will receive two additional weeks, no matter the type of your subscription.

good luck

ENJOY! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot SAM… you are always great all over the sides.


Thank you SAM


It’s showing server error for me :persevere: why like that ? Plz help me thanks Sam

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Server Error (500)


Same Issue for me also.

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Use VPN and you won’t see Error 500. i can access the link easily.


I strongly agree. always use a vpn for this method

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I tried with VPN also, but not works for me :pensive: same error showing.

When i use VPN , its showing the SAME ERROR.!

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worked for me

Works like a charm.Thank you for this share.

Try to access in a different browser or use vpn/proxy.

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use vyprvpn set to location uk worked for me

Hi! SORA owner here!

Thanks SAM for sharing your link! At first, we thought we were under attack before finding your post! So many new users! Welcome on board! :slight_smile:

First of all, sorry for the “Server Error (500)”. We had an issue in our backend email verification that caused new created account to be broken… The issue is fixed. You can create new accounts without problem.

A patch will be deployed tomorrow to fix the broken accounts, add a trial period and contact the users by emails.

For information, our servers are in Europe and it appears that some of you have slow speed issue with us when retrieving files. We are working on it to provide the best experience to everyone! :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me if you have any question!



I am pretty Glad you looked forward to us, I just brought your offer here to help others, I’m sure you don’t mind at all. Please PM me if you would like to ask anyone in the future. Enjoy your stay and see ya around :blush:

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thanks @SaM :slight_smile:

EDITED BY @SaM You can PM me. It's fixed!