[GET] FREE Domain, Website builder and 5 Emails for a year (CC required)

********CC required ***********

After placing the order, cancel auto-renewal.


Offer ends June 30, 2020


I tried for a domain but in my cart it cosy 10.99

thank you again

What do you mean by cc ?

credit card or debit card

@Wara_Massa cc means credit card.

@Rene_Israel_Ibarra debit card won’t work. Credit card is required. I haven’t tried VCC but it should work.

Where do I cancel auto-renewal! thanks a lot for the share and the help

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Which Bin did you use? I tried few but none of them worked.

Try to use fake paypal method, i made one account with PayPal method

yea man find a paypal bin and create a paypal, i got 2 domains

duuuuuuude…it worked. double double double thnks

please what bin did you use?

Could you please let me know the bin??

Could you please tell me what bin did you use ?

the bin no longer works, i made them months ago

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How do you cancel auto renewal?

Offer still exists, but how verify phone number, textnow nd 2ndline doesn’t works