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Nice, btw sam are you familiar with x-slayers tools? so i tried using grammarly checker and searched for proxies and loaded it them and used pastebin of grammarly accounts (in form email:pass) however when i ran it it kept giving errors and didnt check a single one. so i thought something must be wrong with the proxies and used the leecher to get proxies and when i loaded them into proxy checker it kept giving errors for all of the proxys. Am i doing this wrong? btw i used them on a virtual win7 machine with firewall turned on and vm network settings on NAT

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There is an option to run the checker “proxyless”. This will generate the valid combos in “good” in the results folder. Revert back if problem persists.

Thanks @SaM
I was only just looking at xslayers website a few mins ago. Didnt know you have just about all his tools, if not all of them.

Thanks for the share

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all the checkers are contained malware or trojan

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That’s why you should NEVER EVER run cracking tools on your main os. You should run them either on a VM or even better a RDP


For XSlayer's Grammarly you need to have patience. Grammarly requires some good proxies. And you said you loaded it with Pastebin accounts. They are not gonna give you valid accounts(at least not more than 2 to 3).

Steps & Info:

  • Load a good combo for hits. Don’t use Pastebin.
  • Use the proxy tools above to get proxies. Proxies from normal website mostly don’t work. Proxy tools are there for a reason.
  • Important: Configure the proxy settings accordingly. If you have HTTP/HTTPS proxies set it to that. If you have SOCKS proxies set it as per the versions.
  • Bad count = bad combination of email : pass.
  • Error/Retry count = the proxy is bad. It will automatically retry with other proxies
  • Hits count = I don't have to explain that.

Imp point:

  • If the count of errors exceeds the number of proxies you loaded that means all of your proxies is bad or the checker is probably not working any more.

Most checkers behaves maliciously. If it goes through a virus check it will probably be detected. It doesn’t mean all are viruses. But we never know if it has one. I got infected in the past by one checker but others mainly do no harm.
What @ahmedayman4a said should be followed. You can also use sandbox in case you run in your own computer.

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