[GET] Bins For Netflix Premium

484762281861xxxx 11/22 484762611139xxxx 12/24 484762004572xxxx 02/22
Ccv generado
CP: 390000
IP India :flag_in: INDIA

432328871765xxxx 03/24 432328033101xxxx 11/22 432328690263xxxx 05/24
ccv generado
CP: 500001
IP Saudi Arabia :flag_sa:Arabia Saudita

518868632255xxxx 09/22 518868100811xxxx 12/24 518868764405xxxx 10/24
Ccv generado
IP Australia :flag_au: AUSTRALIA

(need lives, cvv)


Netflix does not give 30 day trial anymore in India ! So how is this bin supposed to work ? (I tried to create a new acc selected premium and filled in the details (after checking that it’s a live card) unfortunately didn’t work :pensive:, )I only tried the Indian ip

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when using BINS does it use a balance from a real bank account, noob at this please explain

what is cp ?? where do i use it!

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its asking for seperate bank verification

Didn’t work. Asked for extra verification, Opened some federal bank which said no mobile number and then times out.

And yes, I checked if the cards were live from mrchecker.net

On that note, what even is CP: 390000? Is that related to bin? How?

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postal code,

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