Generate Android App In 2 Minutes And Hack Any Android Mobile!

Android is an open source platform where any individual developer can implement ideas into an android application. It’s an big advantage for android developers as well as users who can use tons of applications according to their needs. Android do offers many features but the most vulnerable also. Android do have lot of vulnerabilities which gives an attacker advantage to steal credentials of the target. According to CVE (Common Vulnerability Exposures) android have many vulnerabilities which can be used to bypass android security was demonstrated in the ethical hacking courses offered by International Institute of Cyber Security.


CVE shows many vulnerabilities which are mostly used by attackers. Today we will show a tool called Evil Droid which is used to create different payloads to compromise android device. Ethical hacking researcher of international institute of cyber security says this Evil-droid can be used to generates malicious apk to penetrate android devices.

Same exploitation to android devices can be done using FATRAT.

Reversing Mailcious Apk Generated by Evil-Droid :-

For doing reverse engineering of any android application there are various tools which are used to decompile APKs, according to ethical hacking expert. But most popular decompiler known as apktool which is used to decompile android applications. We have used apktool which comes pre-installed in Kali Linux 2018.4 (amd64).
  • Open another terminal type apktool -h
root@kali:/home/iicybersecurity/Downloads/Evil-Droid/evil/smali/com/jpzqkxcarh/zsehpukvxy# apktool -h
 Unrecognized option: -h
 Apktool v2.2.2 - a tool for reengineering Android apk files
 with smali v2.1.3 and baksmali v2.1.3
 Copyright 2014 Ryszard Wiśniewski [email protected]
 Updated by Connor Tumbleson [email protected]
 usage: apktool
  -advance,--advanced   prints advance information.
  -version,--version    prints the version then exits
 usage: apktool if|install-framework [options] 
   Stores framework files into .
  -t,--tag           Tag frameworks using .
 usage: apktool d[ecode] [options] 
  -f,--force              Force delete destination directory.
  • Type apktool d evil.apk
root@kali:/home/iicybersecurity/Downloads/Evil-Droid# apktool d evil.apk
 I: Using Apktool 2.2.2 on evil.apk
 I: Loading resource table…
 I: Decoding AndroidManifest.xml with resources…
 I: Loading resource table from file: 
 I: Regular manifest package…
 I: Decoding file-resources…
 I: Decoding values / XMLs…
 I: Baksmaling classes.dex…
 I: Copying assets and libs…
 I: Copying unknown files…
 I: Copying original files…/root/.local/share/apktool/framework/1.apk
  • After executing the above query apktool has extracted malicious apk into set of XMLs. These XMLs are used in forensics.
  • When we analyze further we found that malicious apk created directories with jumbled/random alphabets names. If you scan any normal application it will not create any random directories with such names. This behavior shows the presence of malicious apk.
 root@kali:/home/iicybersecurity/Downloads/Evil-Droid# cd /evil/smali/com
root@kali:/home/iicybersecurity/Downloads/Evil-Droid/evil/smali/com# ls




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