Free Temporary WordPress Site For Development / Learning ! (No Hosting/ Domain Required)

Get started with WordPress quickly and migrate your work to the site you want to use permanently
Play around with new themes & plugins before using them on your “real” site​
Clone your live site to this demo site to try out things you don’t want to do on live​

Try It Now - HERE (

My personal Reasons Why I liked This -

  • Deploying WP Sites for testing a New Plugin/Theme is a breeze
  • WP Learning is Easy. You can create a Site for 7 Days and Transfer that to an Actual host
  • You can create a Demo site for a Client
    The Speed is Amazing you can see it yourself
    It takes less than a Min to create a new WP Site


How long is this site live?

Currently we delete it after 48 hours for non logged in users and 7 days for logged in. Soon we’ll give you the option to extend it, or to host it with us permanently.

How many sites can I create at once?

Currently they allow you to create 2 sites at once for non logged in users and 6 for logged in users, you can remove them in the site manager and create a new one.

How can I migrate to another hoster?

By default a migration plugin is installed (Backup Migration) – use that to copy your files to another hoster.

Can I create WP with multisite support?

Yes! Just click on ‘Advanced options’ and click on the respective button.

Can I change my PHP version later?

Yes, if you are logged in, you can do it in the site manager.

Can I download WordPress debug.log file?

Yes you can do it in the site manager (in the dashboard).

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