Free Seedbox (Support Seeding)

Hello guys, today I found a good and free torrent downloader that supports seeding

Well, they don’t mention that they’re a seedbox, just cloud torrent downloader. But yeah, since it can seed torrent, I call it seedbox. But I don’t know the server speed for downloading and seeding is good or not, give it a try and don’t forget to comment about your experience here. If you just need a torrent leecher, this will go just well.

Just login with your Google account and you’ll get free 20GB storage for your torrenting (that’s bigger than usual torrent leecher web out there). I suggest you to register account as many as possible since you can get more storage for yourself.

Here we go.

For some reason, my browser can’t access the website and says “too many redirects”. If that also happens to you, using this link instead:

That’s all guys, hope this helps you :smiley:


thanks so much, man working good.

2GB space limitation :frowning:

The free plan has been changed by the service provider for new user. Formerly, there wasn’t a max file limitation. Only the accounts that was created before the change hasn’t this limitation.

If you had one before, you will still have 20GB storage and no limitation as long as you don’t change the plan (I’ve changed one of my account to free plan and the limitation has applied for that account)

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