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Whether you’re newbies or professional video makers, FlexClip is everything you need to create attractive and impressive ads, promotion, marketing, tutorial, review, introduction, story videos in minutes. FlexClip provides users with a various collection of stunning video templates for popular and up-to-date topics such as Coronavirus, Business, Promo & Sale, Slideshow, Holiday and Event, Birthday, Wedding, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Education, Real Estate, Restaurant and Food, Fashion and Beauty, Sport and Fitness, Art & Animal, etc. Furthermore, it also offers numerous features such as importing images, video, sound files, text, and even logo to customize your video. With FlexClip, all you need to do is to drag and drop to design your favorite videos.


Wonderful day to the Team of Onehack!

We have created the coupon code for you: OneHack50

This coupon will be valid from May 3, Monday to May 9, Sunday for one week.

And it can be used to redeem any subscription plan of FlexClip.

You can check FlexClip here: https://www.flexclip.com

Kindly, support and appreciate the offer!

Regards, FlexClip Team!



This is just a friendly suggestion or advice to Flexclip team to plz add feature to setup your frame size to custom dimensions as flex clip offers basic dimesions that too only horizontal dimesions
as when i want to create reels for instagram i can’t create one as it needs 1080x1920 not 1920x1080

And thanx for the Redeem Codes @SaM and @Flexclip_team


It’s written in the instructions @twentY_five
This coupon will be valid from May 3, Monday to May 9, Sunday for one week.

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I read that with coupon we can redeem any subscription. But i have a question: if we redeem the 1 year account, it will last only for 1 year or will be lifetime?

Alright. My Bad. Thank you. :slight_smile:

wow, let’s see if everything is going to be all right, I really need it

It’s not a free 100% discount coupon but sure, applying this coupon reduces your annual subscription by 50% but still you have to pay.

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Thank you for your suggestion, @Mr.Professor . I have forwarded this to our dev team. Keep enjoying FlexClip!

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@jonhs , this coupon will not be renewable. It only applies for the first subscription you made. Thank you for your support!

hello friends, can someone ask me a question: i tried to use the onehack50 coupon however, from what i realized it is a non-free discount coupon is that it? when applying, ask for the courteous data to pay in the same way even if it is paypal or another card … then it is not a coupon for any free plan but a discount coupon? I was happy because I thought it was free

it is 50% OFF coupon code not free one :frowning: