[Feedback] Keep it up!

First of all I want to thank all of Team FTU and especially @SaM for making such a great forum. I also want to mention that I have found some other forums just like FTU with exactly same interface bit not to much content. As per my knowledge FTU forum was created first and it’s the best. Proud to be a member of this forum!!!


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Thanks for the kind words and appreciation, I’m glad that this platform doing it’s best to provide education for everyone, and no doubt lots of the rarest and exclusive content with of you, and in future, I will always look forward to keeping everything up to date and bring things that you need. Cheers!

Lastly, let me cover something here, I would like to thank few members here, Because they are the best contributors on this Forum, they spent their time to find and spent their money to enroll and buy a bunch of courses to help all of you, Nothing hide from them no credit is stolen, whatever has been shared it was and always will be remembered in their behalf. and most of them took unique badges and titles in return of a favor. I will look forward to them to provide more gifts in the future. Thanks, dear Contributors for having faith on me on FTU platform and thanks for sharing those rare and expensive courses with FTU.

Please excuses, i can’t name them here because if I mistakenly miss any username then he/she might mind, so let me not tag them here, But I know they are reading this they are around and they are smiling, once again Thank you so dear contributors and my dear FTU’ers I’m grateful to all of you for being with us. God bless you! :blush:


thank you guys for everything you do :+1:


Thank you so much guys…
You are helping for learning.
:heart::heart::heart:Love from india


We love this forum and it’s people behind the scene :hugs:


great thank you SaM!!


Thanks to all our big brothers in the house :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Thanks you guy


Thank you FTU team.

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thanks a lot for your kindness

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