Failed to initialize steam

I downloaded a game (Dark Souls Remastered) from PCGAMESTORRENT (our friendly website ) but whenever i try to open it , it is showing “failed to initialize steam” , please help me

have you tried reinstalling steam?

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I use Fitgirl repack for Every game the most reliable Virus-free repacks out there.
Download Fitgirl Repack - (This is the only Original Site)
The best game repacker out there don’t Download games from random shady sites, may have risk of
viruses (Pro-Tip: Have a Free Antivirus like Kaspersky if you often play Cracked games).
Fitgirl repack is a setup that comes with compressed (game files) with Options to download and install dependencies like DirectX,vc++ etc. to run a game.


Sounds like an issue with the crack. Has the crack that was provided been applied?


i dont know i had tried one fitgirl cracked… after installation i could see new extensions in chrome (russian written lol). the game worked fine and i removed extension

idk I’ve played over a hundred Repacks by fitgirl none of them shown any traces of virus, and I don’t see how a Local executable can affect your Browser(Which works at Network Application layer), as you saw new extensions in Chrome, maybe that particular repack might be tampered, maybe not, who knows.
Its always good practice to stay secure (No Matter how Trustworthy game cracker or repacker is) having an AV handy is always good practice if you play lot of cracked games.

I have a premium anitvirus

Exactly, I agreed, the VA he’s been using it’s catching the Crack/Infection and it’s not getting done properly, due to false positive, which means the Crack/Patch gets caught before he uses it.

@Lokesh_Mishra Trash every shit you have downloaded, Clean it up, Uninstall the game, Now Disable Windows built-in AV Plus any else if you are using it.

Go to the torrent page and redownload the content, Install use the crack, when it’s get done, Exclude the game folder via AV and enable them then allow both services.

That’s all.

TIP: FitGirls releases always contain the Instructions file, it may be .nfo or .txt, if it is a .nfo then simply right-click and open with Notepad, and you will see the entire instructions.

Good luck! :heart:


it just installed 2 extensions to chrome

You are probably using the fake fitgirl site then. The ONLY site for fitgirl repacks is . You also might want to edit your hosts file to redirect fake fitgirl sites to the real one. You can do this by checking “Redirect fake fitgirl sites” at the end of the installer.

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