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Your Data on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world. Many peoples spend their time interacting with friends, family, and even strangers on Facebook. Because Facebook makes it easier to communicate with friends and make new friends. But did you know that your account contains much data and maybe included your private information?

Attackers can collect your data on Facebook without needing to log in into your account and even attackers can remote your Facebook account just like the bot to automatically unfriend, comment, like or delete your post. Here I want to share with you a tool called “FacebookToolkit”.

Facebook Toolkit

This tool can get Facebook data, and some Facebook bots, and extra tools found on Facebook Toolkit ++ and also get token graph API Facebook. Coded by Indonesian IT Enthusiast Wahyu Arif Purnomo.

Features in tools

Features in tools

Name Status Information
Get Access Token :white_check_mark: get access token your facebook account
Account Information :white_check_mark: view your account information
Dump ID :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s ID data
Dump Email :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s Email data
Dump Name :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s Name data
Dump Birthday :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s Birthday data
Dump Gender :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s Gender data
Dump Location :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s Location data
Dump URL Profile :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s url profile data
Dump Mobile Number :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s mobile number data
Dump Religion :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s religion data
Dump Username :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s username data
Dump Bio :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s bio data
Dump About :white_check_mark: retrieve all your friend’s about data
Filter Yahoo Mail :white_check_mark: separate all Yahoo e-mails [yahoo.com]
Yahoo Mail Validation :white_check_mark: validate all Yahoo e-mails
Clean Result :white_check_mark: clean the result folder
Delete ALL Post :white_check_mark: clean all your posts
Unfriend ALL :white_check_mark: clean all your friends
Confirmation ALL :white_check_mark: confirm all friend requests
Confirmation ALL [Male] :white_check_mark: confirm all friend requests based on male sex
Confirmation ALL [Female] :white_check_mark: onfirm all friend requests based on female sex
View Data :white_check_mark: see your friends data based on your username or ID
Dump ID Member Group :white_check_mark: retrieve all ID member on group database
Dump Username Profile Member Group :white_check_mark: retrieve all username member on group database
Dump URL Profile Member Group :white_check_mark: retrieve all url profile member on group database
Brute Force ID :white_check_mark: brute force your friends by ID
Brute Force ID Member Group :white_check_mark: brute force Member Group by ID


Windows or Linux

You can download the latest composer in here.

git clone https://github.com/warifp/FacebookToolkit


pkg install php
pkg install curl
pkg update
git clone https://github.com/warifp/FacebookToolkit

Requirements for using this tool

We need several requirements to use this tool to run smoothly.

  • PHP 7.x
  • PHP Curl
  • XAMPP 7.3.5


Enough to execute the command :

php run.php

Check list menu tools, use the command :

php run.php -m

Check author, use the command :

php run.php -a

Check version, use the command :

php run.php -v

Check updates, use the command :

php run.php -u

Help, use the command :

php run.php -h

And don’t forget to ask at issue page If you have additional information, you can make it on the issue page.

Github Facebook-Toolkit

ENJOY! :+1:


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