[EXPIRED] DEPFILE.COM x1 Account EXPIRE:02-22-18

[GET] DEPFILE.COM x1 Account EXPIRE:02-22-18

PM me @SaM x1 Account Credentials…

Requirements to get login:
Trust Level/Class: Member
Active: Been a Member since 1 month
Required Activities: Helped forum users and has minimum 20 likes 100 given likes. and has total 3 solution replies at specific topics/request. (your own request topics not apply)
Anything less: No less, these are final requirements for applying to get login.

NOTE: Once you PM me, have patient and i will respond you with login if you are eligible, if you’re ineligible according to these requirements. Do not PM me or rush any post or reply if i respond you with any further rejection no matter you’re under requirements. Avoid wasting my time by multiply PM’es.