[EXPIRED] Become a Certified Web Developer 2018 Edition


Coupon Code = UPGRADE_02_18

Copy the course link to incognito, Then from incognito, copy the link to your browser ., and then enter the coupon code and enroll


Can i use Tor browser for not tracking by them?

Yes you can & incognito browsing do the same, Else trusted VPN may also help to secure few leakage.
And follow the instruction given by mi6, it’s completely helpful even if you use VPN or Tor browser. :+1:

And if you need a Trusted VPN/Proxy Program, just ask me, i have one, it’s available at other sources but most of them are dead. I have a working one and it’s completely trusted.


Then we must copy the link switch on the VPN wait for it to connect signup for the course and switch off the VPN and continue with ftu everytime right

Nope, you can surf whole internet anonymously. And why would to switch several times? a single switch can solve everything. It does make sense buddy. :blush: