[EXPIRED] 2(x's) 1TB OneDrive Space and Microsoft 365 Apps

I pay $10 a month on my personal Microsoft account for 5TB of storage and the Microsoft 365 online apps. The catch being I only get 1tb of space personally, but each person I share it with gets their own 1TB and the apps. Well, most people I know wouldn’t know how to use Onedrive. So I can send it to my other email accounts and make accounts with them to get the space, but I have so much cloud storage space already it will be a waste when others could use it more.

This site helps me a lot so I thought to share a couple of terabytes here. I was going to make this a giveaway, but it would be hard for me to choose who to share with. So I thought I leave this open for today and the two with the best offer I’ll share the space with or if you have a really awesome offer I’ll send you both TB’s to different emails. Just let me know that’s what you’re aiming for. I know 1TB is measly when you can use the 5tb’s methods posted here, but I thought it’s something somebody would want and could use.

Waiting for some replies before I make my decision on who gets the second 1TB.


I would like 1TB space

Me too! I would really like a 1TB. Thanks for your generosity.

Hey !! Check your PM

Thanks for the PM it’s nice to know the space is truly needed and why. I replied and hope to hear back from you soon.

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I have a lot tutorials to be uploaded. If you can share the space may be i can upload all stuff on it.

Hi Samatha, would you please assisit me getting the 1Tb. i would like to store for my video projects. it takes huge space on my harddrive

thank you

If it’s tutorials do you mind if I make you a Google storage drive for that instead, so you can share with the community? I know you can share One Drive, but there’s so many more methods people can use with Google Drive. The drive will be made and owned by me so you don’t have to worry about a school or whoever those other drives come from. I might also be able to remove myself from the drive completely and pass ownership to you.

Thank you for the awesome share @Sjjtnj. This will be a blessing to the community members and I hope you get a good deal as well. :+1:

I completely understand I make videos too and my video folder is HUGE! Are these school projects or copyright videos? If it’s copyright I’ll ask the same thing I asked Jaswindersingh (well practically) Would you rather have a Google Storage Drive? Honestly, I don’t know how anal or not One Drive is with that kind of stuff so that’s why I ask. With a Google Drive I make it, own it (Unless I can pass ownership to you) and I’m not going to do anything about copyrighted content. If you get what I mean. I can see a One Drive being good If it’s school videos or personal videos though. Let me know what you think or want.

Perfectly Good.