ExecTI | Run As TrustedInstaller To Grant Administrator Privileges For Protected Registry Keys


ExecTI is a lightweight utility which can run apps as TrustedInstaller. This will allow you to access files and Registry entries owned by the TrustedInstaller account.

I got tired of having to take ownership and grant administrator privileges for protected Registry keys and files during the various tests I perform on my Windows PC. I coded ExecTI, a lightweight, tiny software, which allows you to execute a program as TrustedInstaller, then you are able to access protected resources like certain Registry keys and files owned by TrustedInstaller.

Starting with Windows Vista, even if an app is running elevated, it may have no access to certain Registry keys and files. A new security model introduced in Windows Vista comes with a special user account, TrustedInstaller, which is set as the owner for such files and Registry keys.

Here is how ExecTI looks:

It has a simple user interface. The application has no other dialog, and options at all. It allows you to browse for an executable file (exe, cmd, or bat file), or you can type the command directly in the text box.

It is possible to enter the command with command-line arguments. For example, you can type:

regedit.exe -m

To open yet another instance of Registry Editor.


ExecTI supports Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. It should work under Windows Vista too, but I am not able to test it there.

Before you download the app, here is the note of caution:

Running programs under TrustedInstaller privileges, especially a file manager app or Regedit.exe can be VERY risky and harmful for your OS. It is like a God mode in a first-person shooter game, where nothing can stop your actions, so if you execute a malware infected file as TrustedInstaller, it can cause damage to the Windows operating system. Use this mode only if you perfectly understand what you are doing and if there is no simpler way than running it as Trusted Installer.

Download “ExecTI”


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