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I’ve chosen the following five based on user reviews, site rankings, and overall value.

1. monday.com

When you need to manage every aspect of a team’s work, from high-level planning and strategizing to day-to-day tasks, it’s always best when it can be done from a single platform. monday.com provides such a platform. It’s an easy team management tool to work with, and it gives you outstanding performance whether it’s used for a team of two or a team of thousands.

Take time to estimate how much time you spend every workday doing the repetitive tasks necessary to keep a project and a project team on track. You’ll quickly appreciate what monday.com can do for you and how much time this team management tool will save you.

This might be as good a time as any to consider investing in a team management tool that does much more than managing repetitive tasks. monday.com empowers its users, promotes team and project transparency, and boosts collective productivity – benefits that are not always easy to quantify.

2. Waypoints

This free software library gives you a selection of valuable programming tools to use when you’re looking for more effective ways to incorporate certain useful functionalities, such as scrolling animations into your software apps or website layouts. Waypoints make it easy to trigger a function of interest when scrolling to an element on a page or layout.

The only action required on your part to add Waypoints to your programming toolkit is to download it. Having done that, you can go straight to the library and select the build that best fits the task at hand.

Waypoint’s Shortcut section is especially useful. It provides scripts for frequently accessed Waypoint functions like Sticky Elements, Infinite Scroll, and Inview; scripts you can package into ready-made extensions.

As there’s no cost or risk involved, this valuable programming directory/library is well worth looking into.

3. AND CO by Fiverr

AND CO from Fiverr provides free task management, time tracking, and invoicing for freelancers and small design/development teams or groups. You can use this super-simple task management app to manage your invoicing, online payments and recurring payments, and expense and time tracking. AND CO can be used on Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

This task management app can also help you win more business with its proposal and contract-customizing features. Reporting features provide you with the information needed to keep track of business operations from top to bottom, provide information to stakeholders, and prepare you for tax time. AND CO-generated reports are also invaluable for invoice preparation.

This free task management app integrates with many other commonly used apps such as Shopify, Slack, MailChimp, PayPal, and Stripe.

4. TMS-Outsource

There are many good reasons for outsourcing development activities, especially for large projects requiring a mix of types and levels of expertise. This is where TMS shines. Outsourcing your development (and project management) activities to TMS allows you to focus more on your core business and save on business costs (salaries, training, overhead).

TMS developers and project managers have the experience and expertise that guarantees quality work and on-time delivery.

Three tips to becoming a better developer

Follow these 3 actionable guidelines faithfully. Doing so should not only improve your programming skills but give your career a boost as well.

  1. Read lots of code, and then read some more. This may be the most valuable suggestion of all. It can significantly improve your programming skills. By reading code others have written, you can gain valuable insights. It can tell you how your fellow programmers solve programming problems. You can apply those or similar solutions yourself as opportunities arise.
  2. Have a few personal projects. Writing code for yourself rather than for someone else has many advantages. The chief advantage might be that it gives you the freedom to experiment. You can learn from tools that may not be applicable to your present assignment.
  3. Imagine, you are satisfied that your software conforms to the spec. Now, consider it to be the first of several iterations. In other words, make it better. Great programmers do that – every time.


Start using one of these tools or services. You’ll probably begin to wonder why you didn’t take advantage of it earlier. The upside is that you can pat yourself on the back for making an excellent choice and a wise investment.

Is your objective involves saving time and money? Or is it keeping projects on track? Maybe you want to become a better and more productive developer? There’s something here for you. (Source: hongkiat)

Happy learning!