Earn Money By Youtube Shorts

Pretty much we will be uploding YouTube Shorts.

Create a new G-Mail account.
Your name must be something that will represent your channel.
Set-up a proper banner and profile picture.

Go to TikTok, Reddit or any other platform where viral videos are uploaded.
Find something that is trending right now or something funny.
If you are using TikTok, use a watermark remover.

Upload the video as a short.
Add a personal/normal title.
Use hashtags that are popular and describe your video.

It may not work at first, but staying consistent will eventually give you results.



How to earn money because you can’t monetize YT shorts


Have you heard of shortlink services that pay you for sending traffic to them?

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give an example of short link services?

shrtfly linkvertise etc

Affiliate marketing using ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, etc. Look for offers related to your niche and add the link to the description of each video you upload.

But you have to pick a Nich that is profitable.

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Watch hours won’t increase, because youtube sees it as reused content.