Earn £5-£500 By Posting on Forums Offering Them FREE Courses 😏

In order to make this work you need

  • online storage
  • desireable content

Luckily for you im going to provide both!

This is really simple and all you need to do is the following:

NOTES : This is done for you content you can use, modify, sell or giveaway legally.

  • Step 3: Upload all the content to your free storage above

  • Step 4: Post on forums and business forums offering the courses for £5-£500 (depends on how many you’ve got).

  • Step 5 (if step 4 makes you uncomfortable): create a signature for your account on your forum profile and place your links/imagery for people to contact you for the “offer” to purchase the courses from you.

Honestly, you can be earning an easy £100+ per day if you do it.


Thank you!

Hi thank you for posting this ! This is very valuable !
How do you make sure the content is legally free to use ?
(Even if it’s written on the website, what make you certain you’re not exposing yourself to legal pursuits ?)

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How one can get paid? This is the most critical part. Bcz collecting money is challenging.

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Since you already mentioned what to do. it would have been more helpful for everyone if you had mentioned where they can post it.


Hi @Ze380y
Thank you very much for sharing your research with us
There is a post here at 1HACK with a site that can be used for sell products, juts do a research it site ( and I saw this one payhip).

As everybody already know or at leat can see, I’m Brasilian. Here in Brasil theses days we are having a lot problems more because of the political person than the virus.
As they would like to destabilize the government a lot of people are loosing theyer jobs and has no money to buy foods.

So I’m thinking in use this post to set up an online store and sell the products to raise funds and buy groceries to distribute to those most in need.

So thank you very much for your post.


what i was thinking lmao! xD

Would you explain how to actually do the transaction process & name some of the forums where I can actually post?

@Ze380y you might consider this answering!!please it’s a request

In which forum we should post, please specify the websites

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Hi everyone!
Many thanks to @Ze380y for sharing this idea with the community.

Lot if you just read and ruined the thread with these nonsense questions without even browsing the given links. Don’t be to lazy guys

  1. This site mentioned idplr.com contains PLR aka Private Label Rights contents. Mean you get resell rights from them. So, no worries about legal pursuits.

  2. How one can get paid? If you are not comfortable with direct selling Use any 3rd party service like e-junkie.com , gumroad.com etc.

  3. Where can we post? You can use ebay to get started (now please don’t ask me how you can post there. visit e-junkie.com there is an article for this). Also, signup on different forums related to your niche, comment on blog posts etc etc. Spend some time to learn what is working for you. Social networks, FB groups, Reddit, qoura answers. Think of anything you can.

Hope you got it now.