Earn $2-3 a Day by Just Leaving Your Computer or Phone ON | No Mining Method

REAL Make $2-3 a Day / 25$ a Month From Leaving Your Computer/Phone On

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a bitcoin or mining method!

This method is genuinely passive; it requires only setting up and will run in the background while using 0% of your CPU resources.

  • You just need 5 minutes to set up this method!

The method is straightforward – sharing your left-over internet data with no internet speed decrease, both of those programs use only 10% of your internet data,

and you will notice no lag in-game / browsing youtube or watching movies on Netflix.

What do you have to do?

You LITERALLY only have to leave the program on auto-run and collect your PayPal money every month,

it’s that simple to add 20-25$ extra to your monthly earnings!

  1. Sign up! >>> Click on the Redeem Coupon Code and enter gethoney for instant 5$ starter bonus.

  2. Verify your email address.

  3. Download & Run the application(Only Windows/Android) or Mac OS)

  4. Login into your account.

  5. Go straight to your dashboard and make sure your system shows up.

Extra earning:

  1. Install on your Android device / your parents / gf or tell your friends (3 programs can run from 1 ip address in total)

  2. Select Wi-Fi only!

  3. Profit! Simply wait and check back from time to time how much you’ve earned.

Second app for extra earning:

  1. Sign UP using —> https://packetstream.io/

  2. After the registration click EARN MONEY

  3. Download the app (Windows)

  4. Start earning money

(The steps for this app are the same as the first app above.)


Thanks. This is awesome.
Follow these my referral links to get 5$ bonus: https://r.honeygain.money/BHASK586F5
PocketStream: https://packetstream.io/?psr=K8a

you can also help me and you will get $5 bonus.

Please post any other mining apps.
Honeygain is doing good.
But it will pay only 1usd per 10gb of data .
Please post other better apps too

how to redeem code?? i didnt find any redeem option

Thanks for this. I already sign-up and currently installed on my computer.
How do honeygain earn revenue? By making our computer a proxy server of some sort?

Is this safe?

Click on sign up.
You can see a gift box icon and enter “gethoney” on the box

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Click on signup and you can see a gift icon and enter the code “gethoney” .
That’s it

This is very slow method. I earned only 0.79 Points in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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Indeed. But u don’t have to do anything. It’s completely free money

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its maybe due to your connection speed. I just hit 0.88 and its been running for 20 minutes

But it consumed 82.7 MB and earned only 8.27 Points.

100 MB = 10 points = $0.01 roughly

even class 2nd student who learned profit and loss in maths :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: …would also be able to tell using this app not worth at all


thank you for sharing

after first day it’s much small data gather we even not able to credit 100 pint at end of the day.

wast of time dear.


There’s a Trojan.Generic.JS.32 in their windows app. maybe a false positive.
i might try this in vmware.
anyone here installed in windows? feedback would be appreciated.

I am earned 5 dollars in just 24 hrs. good software dude thanks for the information :smile:

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tenkio for this , but one question , whi use with wifi only ? oflline its bad?