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Discord Sniper

A lightweight, fast and efficient Discord Nitro sniper, giveaway sniper & invite sniper.


  • Nitro, giveaway & invite sniper
  • Customizable limits for the sniper (e.g. Snipe 2 Nitros then stop for 24 hours)
  • Light, fast & efficient
  • Customizable delay for giveaway joiner
  • DMing the host on giveaway win with customizable DM Delay and a DM Message.
  • Status changer for main account & alternate accounts
  • Fake code & duplicate protection
  • Multi-Account support featuring alternate accounts & main accounts
  • 3 Modes - main, alts, both. Each mode describes what accounts will be used when the sniper starts.
  • Feeding system from alternate accounts, catches a nitro on your alternate account and redeems it on your main account
  • Customizable webhook (Giveaways, Nitro, invites) with customizable events (Invalid Code, redeemed code, joined server)
  • Customizable webhook mentions for fired events (Pings @everyone, recommended to run in a private server)
  • Fully customizable word whitelist & blacklist for the giveaway sniper.
  • Whitelist only mode for giveaway sniper (Blacklist still applies)
  • Per-server blacklist and whitelist for the giveaway sniper
  • Announces the type of Nitro sniped on snipe (e.g. Nitro Classic)
  • Configurable invite sniper featuring minimum and max member counts and limited invite joins (e.g. 10 invites / 6 hours)
  • Delay management for the invite sniper to avoid suspensions





  • Try to get a low latency to Discord servers as there often is competition with other snipers.
  • This is technically a self-bot: mentioning this in a Discord chat is enough to make your account reportable to Trust & Safety.
  • Running more than one instance or different snipers is an easy way to get your account deactivated or terminated.
  • Before using, consider the moral implications of stealing gifts from people and communities you have nothing to do with.

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