Disabling Antivirus for only one user

Hello 1Hackers, I need your help in solving an issue i am facing. I just Installed forza horizon4 on my pc and it launches perfectly but then it crashes after a particular logo, after a bit of googling I have found out that it is because of my QUICK HEAL ANTIVIRUS and so for this i need your help.

I actually have purchased the license of this antivirus and using it from a very long time but now I have to disable it completely to run this game I tried all the solutions like disable virus protection… but it didnt work as the processes werent suspended. So I thought that if this antivirus protection could be disabled for one user then all my problems could be solved, I checked on the official site but couldn’t find any help…

I don’t wanna uninstall this antivirus, but would really appreciate if someone could help me out with disabling it for one more admin user on windows 10 just disabling/uninstalling only for one user…

Have you tried adding the program/game to the exclusion list. You can also grant/restrict a user to certain programs.

Here is the quickheal antivirus manual. Read through document page number 51-53 (actual page range 61-64) mentioned in the index or search the document for ’ Application Control '.

I hope this helps.

Edit: I suggest you to completely uninstall the AntiVirus. Once after restarting computer, launch the game and see if the game runs without crashing. If it runs good, follow the above solution. If the game still crashes, then you got find the exact root cause like issues with RAM (need more RAM or pagefile), graphics driver (update driver) or windows update (update windows).


Yes I tried but it didnt work :frowning:
Its not quick heal antivirus blocking the program rather the program isn’t able to run because of the processes of antivirus running in background is their any way i can disable their protection?

What particular logo is causing this?
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Have you tried running the game with antivirus completely uninstalled as I mentioned in my suggestion in my previous reply?

Tell me exactly what you tried…

Thanks for help 1Hackers I was able to dig into the topic and by taking @muthunaveen’s suggestion i reinstalled my antivirus and now my game and antivirus work perfectly fine.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Good to know it helped you…

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