DeGoo Copyright Infringement

I found that Degoo have the 10TB lifetime deal and I’m very tempted. The problem is there are so many bad reviews on them especially about their bots terminating account because of copyright infringement.

Anyone have experience with them? Are there ways to get around this copyright infringement?

I do have an account in Degoo and I store a lot of files (from pdfs to videos). And I have been using it for 5 months now, so far there are no problems.

I think the only time they will delete your account is if you share links that you know are under copyright. Degoo is created as personal storage of your files and not using it as a tool to distribute those files that can get your account terminated.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Are you using the Lifetime plan?

I’ve read so many reviews and it’s not good. A lot of these people are saying they don’t share files. And some even own the actual copies. But still get terminated.

I am not planning on share files but are using as a personal storage.

Here are some review sites that got me sitting on the fence and not move on with it yet. <— This one got me thinking about how your files are not safe from Degoo. It’s your private files but Degoo is looking at it.

I am using their Free one. It has options to increase storage by having the app installed and doing some ad viewing and inviting other users to join.

I wanted to get the 10TB one, but I was thinking, that is too much space and I don’t know what to store in so I opted for the free one and I have no problems so far.

The only reason why I stuck with Degoo is that it’s a company outside of the US. And I think they have different rules about copyright stuff.

I am not sure, but I think those who bought the StackSocial promo are people who did not read the TOS and Private Policy stuff as I know the US and Sweden have different policies and such. I mean I do read the TOS and Privacy Policy before I go ahead with the services.

I suggest, if your files are not above 1TB, just opt for the free one. Try and test it for a month or 2. The stacksocial promo I saw that a lot of times already, they will offer it again. Just my 2 cents.