Decrypt Byju's SD card

Hey Everyone…
I am new to this forum. And I love it because people here believe in making knowledge free just like me. So I have come to ask for a favor. I wanted to know if anyone of you can help me to crack Byju’s class 10 SD card. The subscription is expired but the videos are still there but I cant play them in the Tablet nor in windows VLC. Hope you guys can figure it out…


there are no specific steps :frowning:

Could u please share the files on the SD Card, so we can what we can do

I am sorry but i cant copy the files onto my PC. it shows “Access Denied” Seems like they have a really high amount of encryption. if you could suggest me way to share the files ?
Thanks :smiley:

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i don’t seem to find a genuine looking one. Please share the link.

i dont say its impossible but if you tried it before expiry it would be easily crackable.

p.s: try to use bruteforce attack (i cant say too much without knowing encryption)

1st try to find the type of encryption they use.
then i will suggest something. before that impossible.

dude’s its not password protected I guess to do brute force We need to decrypt by decoding the format volume is based on kind of windows vault can check this .
Buts its listing file so file is encrypted with expriy standard DRM Procedure we need to find where the metadata of file (expiration date kind of and they may have special codec render by bijuys player so while encoding they may have encoding key ) so i would you like to look in that way.

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I will send it by today

Here is the link of byjus app mod



Hello @Somil_Tyagi. can you pleasse give another link by trying to add it into dropbox or other platform because this link to APK is expired.

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Use Linux to access your sd card. :thinking:

file was removed

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Can you send the link again? Apk removed. Use anonfiles

It is removed

So what I say is this videos are rendered in a new codec so others can’t open or access it… other than there player which can decode that codec. So we have to create a video player that can decode that type of video… rite… dude I like the way u think

yes thank you :slight_smile:

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