Decrypt Byju's SD card

Hey Everyone…
I am new to this forum. And I love it because people here believe in making knowledge free just like me. So I have come to ask for a favor. I wanted to know if anyone of you can help me to crack Byju’s class 10 SD card. The subscription is expired but the videos are still there but I cant play them in the Tablet nor in windows VLC. Hope you guys can figure it out…


there are no specific steps :frowning:

Could u please share the files on the SD Card, so we can what we can do

I am sorry but i cant copy the files onto my PC. it shows “Access Denied” Seems like they have a really high amount of encryption. if you could suggest me way to share the files ?
Thanks :smiley:


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i don’t seem to find a genuine looking one. Please share the link.

i dont say its impossible but if you tried it before expiry it would be easily crackable.

p.s: try to use bruteforce attack (i cant say too much without knowing encryption)

1st try to find the type of encryption they use.
then i will suggest something. before that impossible.


dude’s its not password protected I guess to do brute force We need to decrypt by decoding the format volume is based on kind of windows vault can check this .
Buts its listing file so file is encrypted with expriy standard DRM Procedure we need to find where the metadata of file (expiration date kind of and they may have special codec render by bijuys player so while encoding they may have encoding key ) so i would you like to look in that way.


I will send it by today

Hello @Somil_Tyagi. can you pleasse give another link by trying to add it into dropbox or other platform because this link to APK is expired.

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Use Linux to access your sd card. :thinking:

So what I say is this videos are rendered in a new codec so others can’t open or access it… other than there player which can decode that codec. So we have to create a video player that can decode that type of video… rite… dude I like the way u think


yes thank you :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter the file is DRM protected what ever operating system we use it remains same

Not necessary they use general media codec on top they will add an encryption key if you remember earlier there was a hack where someone fakely claims a new movie in HD format where you need to download a key for coded in mid-2010 I experienced a lot but I try to look the file which some decoder tool but later I dropped it

Hey dude are you sure you want to decrypt it , Wait let me tell you something.
It is not an easy task to decrypt any sd card protected with high level of encryption . Their are big brains behind these things and it is nearly impossible for even beginners to do it … Even Professionals have not exploited this app because to exploit these app you need to have some vulnerability in your server or atleast the base apk, Also I really don’t believe the person who provided G-Drive link of byjus apk because they dont really give any access without subscription. I myself have purchased 7-12 course of byjus and I really got scholarship for that so you can try too. I believe better buy if you really need it and I don’t believe people are actually giving the cracked apk , @SaM you really need to check @ Somil_Tyagi’s account , to make sure he isnt providing any trojan / malware or backdoor .
If you don’t believe me ask SAM itself .
Thank You :slight_smile:


I have been followinng this thread for a while now and I wanted to know if I could complete erase the partition table altogether and then use it for my own purposes? Because I can read from it and access its files but not write to the SD card. Whenever I do something, it shows that the changes have been applied but as soon as I eject it and mount it again, it reverts back to its original state…

Hello everyone
I have byjus SD card of class 11 and 12 combo and the subscription haven’t yet expired.
i am deciding to discontinue it, but I thought if you have a solution such that I could use the SD card in their byjus premium app even after unsubscribing to it i.e. decrypting the sd card.

please help me fast…

Mate, Why are you spamming this topic with negative vibes. If you know its not possible saying it once is enough it is still possible with the right tools.
Are you paid by Byju’s. If you want to reply to me with hate you can pm me .

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{What I meant by saying you cant do it is :
To decrypt an sd card the professional guy needs to have the sd card physically right… Acc to what I know… and he is going to return the sd card so whats the use … Only if someone comes with a doubt or some achievement on this task then it is worth continuing this post or else its time waste )

Bro I am not spreading any hate… People just start this topic for no reason , you know the facts so do I . If their was any way to do this then it would be done by now. I am not paid by byjus or some other company, you could better save your time and dig in for something else or first learn abt it and do it yourself and prove your abilities and you see my previous post I am just scared that People might get tricked into downloading malware like I told in my older post… There were few people who do this and made mod apps but I was also tricked into it (LOL for real I downloaded a malware on my mobile and then my phone was Rooted too R.I.P my cheap old phone) and I dont want anyone else to get tricked .
Beyond this I won’t reply (SAVE YOUR TIME) I am no hater I am a member of this community from a long time as well…
{If you still think I am a hater or I post negative shit then I am read to apologize D: )

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