Crypto ban in india

Crypto bill is launching this winter it seems in news they are telling there will be a ban.

Please share your opinions on the same.


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If you live india heads up Crypto banned because all the money goes in the same pot and the India goverment got to have control

The bill says they will ban private Cryptocurrencies.

Now this PRIVATE keyword in the crypto world means two things:

  1. Private or Privacy Cryptocurrencies :
    private cryptocurrencies could refer to Monero, Dash, Zcash, and other such digital tokens built on public blockchains, obfuscate the transaction information to offer privacy to users like not saving transaction history as they are routed through multiple networks.


  1. Privately Developed Cryptocurrencies
    Which are developed and managed by any private organization (You get the point)

I am hoping that they won’t ban Privately developed cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC, etc.

We still don’t have a clear picture regarding this but I believe won’t follow the footsteps of China.