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Note: You must have permissions to create shared drive in your account. This doesn't work with GMAIL Accounts, Required Gsuite Business+ Accounts. To check Open Google Drive and try to create Shared Drive first.

Easy and Automatic Way

Manual and Difficult

  • Open Google Cloud Console
  • After creating project or if you already have one.
  • Enable Drive API from Here
  • Click create credentials.
  • Select OAuth client ID.
  • Select Web application.
  • Give it a name. (anything for your own reference)
  • In Authorized JavaScript origins add
  • In Authorized redirect URIs add
  • Save and note down your Client ID and Secret
  • Open Developers Playground
  • On Right Top Side click on Setting Icon Settings
  • Click on Use your own OAuth credentials.
  • Enter OAuth Client ID: and OAuth Client secret:
  • Now back to same page Developers Playground left side Step 1 i.e. Select & authorize APIs
  • Find Drive API v3
  • Select First Option i.e. (Required)
  • Click on Authorize API. and give permissions using your google account.
  • It will turn to Step 2 Exchange authorization code for tokens at the end of authentication.
  • Click on Exchange authorization code for tokens, if it goes to step 3, click on Step 2 yourself.
  • Select the option Auto-refresh the token before it expires.
  • Copy the refresh token and paste in Line 6 of workers.js along with your own Client ID and Secret at Line 4 and Line 5.
  • Copy the Code and paste it into Site.

For new users (What to do at Cloudflare exactly)

  • Create an account at
  • Click on Workers and Select Free Plan. (Right side of main Dashboard)
  • Setup an username if you’re new, i.e. <username>
  • While <username> won’t display anything when accessed using a browsers you can create *.<username> where * can be anything without using dots.
  • Click on create a worker and paste your code in it. rename the worker as you like, it can be anything.
  • Click on Deploy. (Your work is done, next steps are if you’re linking custom domain.
  • Add a domain or open dns if already added.

DNS and Workers

  • Add an A Record with your desired name (for it is @ and for it is mysite) with IP Address make sure Proxy is on i.e. the Cloud color should be Orange.
  • Now click on Workers in Menu.
  • Click on Add Route.


  • Enter your custom website you selected above, for us here it will be* or*, don’t forget to add /* or pages like will not work.
  • Select the worker you just deployed.
  • Click on Save.

Note: Replace here with your own domain name.



error Process Failed!SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

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Shared Drives Are Good As Long as not Storing personal and Non-Important Data…

PS- The Cloudflare Workers Are Banning Cloudflare Accounts For making Gdrive Indexes

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