Create EDU Mail And Get Access To Amazon + Twitch + JetBrains + G-Drive Etc!

This is useful in order to get awesome offers like Amazon Prime (6 months free), Twitch Prime (6 months free), Jetbrains Student, Unlimited Google Drive Space, and more.

  • Go to https://www.openccca…user2=&user3=ft

  • Click “Create Account” and click “Being Creating My Account”

  • Now go to and sign in with Google.

  • Go to advanced options and set the age to only 23 (23-23). Set the gender to whatever you want, and click generate.

  • Enter the data from the into the Account Creation on the application.

  • Select “I don’t have a middle name”. Also select No for Previous name and No for Preferred Name. Also select None for Suffix

  • Copy the birthday from the fakenamegenerator (make sure the age is correct, year 1995)

  • Enter the SSN from the form, but don’t include the dashes, (just the numbers)

  • Click Continue

  • Get a trash email service (You NEED access to it) and enter that email in the email and email confirmation place.

  • Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator with the dashes into the first number box and check the box under it.

  • Leave the second phone number blank.

  • Go to…_BBQQ8gEIiQEwDw

  • Zoom in and click on a house in the red area

  • Click on the little box at the bottom with the street address that is shown

  • Enter the address shown on the left of google maps into the account creation forum

  • Click continue

  • Enter a random username, password, and pin. You won’t need to remember this info

  • Choose and answer security questions randomly, You dont need these.

  • Solve the captcha and click “Create my account”

  • Click continue

  • Click Start Application

  • Select a random term, and select undecided on both goal and major.

  • Select “My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above”

  • Click Continue

  • Select the gender of the name you used

  • Choose “No” for transgender and select heterosexual/straight

  • Select random educational levels

  • Select “No” for Hispanic or Latino

  • Only Select WHITE

  • Click Continue

  • Select First-time student in college (after leaving high school)

  • Select Received high school diploma from U.S. schoool

  • Select 21th of June, then the year before you are doing this (while im writing this, 2017)

  • Check Yes for both boxes

  • Select I attended high school, California, and Sacramento High.

  • Put 3.50-4.0 as GPA, and put random highest courses and grades corrolating to GPA

  • Select No degree and select no Colleges/Universities Attended (None)

  • Click Continue

  • Select US citizen and select No military status applies to me

  • Select Yes for California Residence and select no for everything else

  • Click continue

  • Select the follow answers in order: yes, no, no, no not interested. Then select random programs

  • Select English as primary language

  • Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator as your cell phone number (without dashes)

  • Select 3.50 and above as GPA

  • Select 0 as number of college units

  • Select US for both options for additional citizenship info

  • Select random household income, random indiviuals and select none, not searching for employent

  • Select no for all options

  • Select no for learning disabilities and yes for work experience

  • Choose and answer security questions (REMEMBER THESE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS)

  • Click continue, click I consent, then continue again

  • Click “I have reviewed this application and confirm it is complete and accurate”

  • Check both boxes and click Submit My Application

  • You should get an email saying they got your application

  • Wait until they accept it (usually takes about 30 mins on work hours)

  • You should get an email saying they accepted it

  • Go to

  • Click the set new password button and copy the student id in the email to the box

  • Paste the student ID on the form

  • Enter the security questions from earlier

  • Enter the new password of your choice

  • Go to

  • Login

  • Click Los Rios Gmail

You have finished the guide! You are in your email account now. Your email address is w(studentID)

Happy learning!


Kudos, Works like charm😉.Tysm.


Holy crap dude your tutorial worked perfectly fine I love you man :smiley:


To the point, perfectly made, completely straight, totally understandable, as expect noobs friendly as well, indeed a very useful method for educational purposes!

Well done @TheStrength, thanks for the share! :heart:


When i generated from fake name , i got Aaron R. Lewis , i didn’t get what i need to type in middle name ?

For Those ppl who want Unlimited Gdrive dont try . Bcz they dont provide unlimited Gdrive(thats Only for Enrolled Students and paid their first class fees can access)

I Did try this method b4 posting it so i know . so dnt waste you time . If you Only want edu mail then go ahead and try. this method will work…


First name - Aaron
Middle name - R (just skip it )
Last name - Lewis


got unlimited Gdrive??

First of all, No GDrive access. Furthermore now all the community colleges only allow the internal use of email until the student is enrolled in a class and have paid fee. So the email is also of no use as you will not be able to receive any email from outside services such as Jetbrains. Jetbrains is also not able to verify if students in such schools are actually enrolled. So, they will not issue you a license. Good Luck if any Community College works for you as this method is busted because of abuse. I have tried several others but all was in vain.

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Hi @TheStrength
First of all thank you very much, as @SaM said you had a hard work and you give us a great job and did this for free.
Second an edu mail has a lot of uses, but we need to look for what we want with it, there is a lot of services that is free for students many of them we can see in the site others we just send an email and Voila they give us or for free or with a special price.
Another thing is that when you have an edu mail you will have others services that Google will provide also just for sample the Google Meeting.
Anyway is a gift, none of us has the obligation to get or try, but all of us need to say THANK YOU @TheStrength for give us your research.
Best Regards

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The Page redirects me to , hence I don’t find a new password button. Now, How can I set the password. Please help me.

Click on Password Management(below Sign-in),

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this? When I paste CCCID it shows “No such user” or I went to wrong way!

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No CCCID , You Will Recevie 7-Digit Student ID number via Mail after Your application Approved by College.


oh got it :smiley: , Thank u :slight_smile:

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WOW, So good

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Works but for me i didn’t get access to google drive.

Brother i didn’t receive any other mail than the first mail any reason?

everyting is fine. but couldn’t access google drive…

if posible will help me, Please …

Thanks for awsame trick !!

Created account only for free Jetbrains. Twitch is of no use and amazon is meh too. I will give a try to see if that helps. If not i will update this thread.

Didnt work as @Margaret_Dean mentioned earlier.

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