Coronavirus [GET] Free Code Academy Pro For Students with edu email.10000 Scholarships Official

                                   Hello Guys

Sign Up With Your Edu Email:


Thank you for let us know about it :yum: :yum:

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Just got 7 days trial :thinking:

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Thanks for sharing. I got the pro account with my edu email.


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its showing pro, but how to check its validity??

When you opened the thread link, it was mentioned that its for the rest of the year! So no worry!! Enjoy.

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You must not have signed in with .edu email… get that one and then continue… you’ll get that for an year

@Kamleshgehaniii Thank you very much man…really appreciate
but where is it mentioned …it will be valid for a year?


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First of all thank you vey much for sharing with us
I do not know if is 90 days or for the rest of the year because it says nothing about how many days I will be able to use.
Someone here know where we can find the info about the free time?

90 days for sure .

Thanks for letting us know .It worked for me

VPN needed or not

@jmpinto read the FAQ section already mentioned there …here’s screnshot of that

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Hi @dydx
Thank you very much
I will try it

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