[Colab] Coursehunter courses video download into Google Drive

Hello friends!!!

As a part of Onehack family, I am learning a lots of things on this sites. I would like say the thanks to all of you for the amazing learning content sharing and encourage other team member to learn together.

I would like to share the colab script to download premium and free video content from coursehunter into google drive.

Here is the script link you can download.

Hope you enjoy!!!



Thanks for the offer. Please confirm the language of the courses on this site. It seems to be in russian.

its not work

same shit not working .:

Yes, Official language of site is russian. But you can easily use the google translate to visit in english. Also most of the courses are in english. Thanks

Link has been updated. Please try again :+1:

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I have updated the link. Please try again :+1:

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Do u have a paid account because most of the courses are paid😔

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Site available in english too. Check bottom left

BTW do i have to own a premium acct to download or wt if thats so its kinda of sucks dude

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You need to enter your email and password. That one is sample only.

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I think it’s not much as the compared to the courses and other options like requests offered by this website. It consists the Gem of Education. It’s worth paying if you want to. I suggest paying and testing their website for a month. If you need an account pm me I am happy to offer at lower prices. :relaxed:


Premium Course are not working.

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yep this is not working…

Confirm your email and password are correct or not? It is clearly state that check your email or password. Thanks

Russian audio to English subtitles , any good tools , please suggest.

Got it working! here is how :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m brand new to this community and this is my first post so please be kind, thanks.

First, big thank you to Dr. Jekyll for the ipyn file.

Please note I have made some changes to the file and it is now available
Use this file —> here.

***You need a premium account with coursehunter.net to download the premium content, the free sign up will not allow you to download the premium content. I bought an account for 1 month as they had a course I’ve been looking around for.
This script has been tested with both a premium account and a free account. Can verify you will definitely need a premium account to get the paid content.

  1. Get a google drive account -> install google colaborator.
  2. Upload the coursehunter.ipynb to google drive and run
  3. Follow these instructions:
  4. Allow google drive access via oauth (STEP 1)
  5. Install the dependencies (STEP 2 )
  6. Enter in Username and password for coursehunter -> must be premium to dl premium content
  7. Download content either free or paid(need premium account) (STEP 4.1 and 4.2)
  8. Move downloaded content back to your google drive (STEP 6)



still Not working.It shows email and password error though email and password is right.sometimes it downloads only a text file ,no videos

Hi, this was working, now it is not. Seems to be related to the dependencies specifically the request library. Will see if there is a fix for this.

yes, some package are deprecated.Would be grateful if you make this working again