CCleaner® PROFESSIONAL Use Key [Instructions Incl.]

CCleaner® PROFESSIONAL x1 UNLIMITED Use Key [Instructions Incl.]

How to Download & Activate CCleaner® PROFESSIONAL with the key

  • First, go to and download the PROFESSIONAL Trial

  • Second, Install it, but do not open at exit step

  • Third, Disable your Internet Connection

  • Fourth, Use any name for Registration, then Copy & Paste this key >>> C2YW-GP33-TPIU-BGM8-AZPC and activate, Not done yet!

NOTE: Do not turn on the Internet Connection, keep it Disabled until the blocking process is complete…

How to block CCleaner from checking key via hosts file:

    1. Stop CCleaner application if it’s running in background via task manager


    1. Now open the hosts file directory >>> C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and open hosts file and add this line at the end

DONE! Now you can open the application and it will never expire!


Worked. Thanks!


@SaM Worked like charm :slight_smile:


What happens when a new version comes out?

Such a great notes with screenshots. It helped thanks man :slight_smile:


Nothing happens, Disconnect internet & Wipe the whole process, once you’re done, restart PC/Laptop and download the latest version. follow the method again.

And this method works with Professional versions.

Btw, it does make sense because I did not mention any specific version so far, it clears easily that it is for professional versions. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


Understood. So it wouldn’t download/install (or even notify you about the) newer version and break. cool thank you

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Amazing …

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thank you it worked


You are an amazing sam… God must sent u for us… Started my web tricks today by ur tutorials. started learning carding by all ur tools and tutorials. wish me a very good luck.
Thanks a tonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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It wooooorks!! Thank you SAM:star_struck:

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I’m facing this problem, any solution please … Thanks in advance !

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Run Notepad as Admin and then open the hosts via going to File>Open> C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc



Thanks ! It works


Updated Method!

  • First, you need to visit the Official Ccleaner Website
  • The next Step is to Click the Dropdown Menu " Download " and Navigate to " Download Ccleaner".
  • The third Step is as Easy as the other 2. You Simply click the " Free Trial " Button which you find in the Middle, right under " PROFESSIONAL" .

So This was Basic Stuff. Now we come to the Magic Trick.

Once you have Downloaded the trial Installer DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET
When your Internet is Turned Off, Install Ccleaner.
Start the Program
Enter Following Information when Prompted. License Key : PM3A-3VPT-3IV6-Q5KK-4U4F, Name :  Does not matter ( enter your Super secret internet Pseudonym or type in random stuff)
Block " " in your Host File.
To do so you need to find your Host file . Usually in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Run your text Edit Program of choice, in my case Notepad++ as an Admin.
Now write that "" at the bottom of the file.  ( without "" )
Make sure it Saves!
Run Ccleaner
Once you are in the main Ccleaner window and it asks you to perform a Healthcheck , you can Turn on the Internet Again.

Do not Update via the Update function. If you want a newer Version just Repeat this method with the newest Installer!!


Thanks, its work for me.

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Because I don’t want to overstep SaM post below…please remember everyone to go to settings once the program is installed and unselect the send data and updates from partners.

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Worked a peach! thanks boss

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