Canva Premium For Lifetime | Working Method ✨

Step 1: Go to This Website:

You will see a Temporary Edu Mail, then follow the next steps, if you don’t see an email with .edu then simply click on the Delete icon Unless you get a temp .edu extension. Email should be something like this -

( )
( )
( )

^^^^ Format examples ^^^^

Step 2: Go to

Sign up with that temp email (that you created in Step 1) and verify the Email.

After confirming, you can change the temporary email to your Gmail account directly from Canva (But it can ask you to verify your identity, use any fake address, or fake-it)

(I can’t guarantee that it will last a lifetime, but I’ve had mine for a while now, and still no issues persisted)

Try your Luck :man_shrugging:


Appreciate the share & feedback!


Whoever no success with to get an edu mail, u can try Edumail. Hope this help.

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none of the email options works, even following the step by step, it doesn’t accept canva edu.

canva ask a document to verification, how do you fake it?

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You can find mostly everything in here posted by SaM The Ultimate Useful Resources For Everyone.

For me, im using :


So it’s not really free, right? Cuz you have to pay for the Verif Tools ID generator

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Unfortunately yes… :frowning: Give a try on ID Creator. Cons is same but the pros is u have a preview without any watermark or anything on your id. A few tricks would do.