Bypass Spotify Family Plan Limit +2 Plans A Year! Leaked Method!

It’s a Tricky Leaked method, worth try because it’s working that confirmed by anonymous, and I’m not responsible for this leak, thanks to leaders!

1- You need to be able to login to the account that wants to join the family plan
2- When you log in go to and change the country to the United Kingdom.
3- Now you should go to…potify-support/ once you are here click on Subscription, then in other, now in I still need help
4- Now you have to fill the name (doesn’t need to be the account name, just some random name), and put something like needing help on the Tell us more, after that click Send Question
5- If you are lucky enough (and you are on monday-saturday in a good UK time) you will get into live chat.
6- Tell to the agent that you are trying to join a family plan and you cant, that you are seeing yearly limit reached, and you cannot join the plan and you have never been there if they tell you that you have just search another agent, (go back to step 3)
7- Just keep chatting, if they ask you for the username/email of your relative inviting you just say that you don’t have it
8- If all goes good you will have your account ready to go and join another plan if not go to step 3.