[BOT] 1 Year Headspace Premium Account Generator

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Python Bot that uses Selenium to generate 1 year premium headspace accounts.
Ability to generate multiple accounts without needing proxies (I have created over 50 with the same IP)


  1. Chrome
  2. Python
  3. Selenium


  1. Download Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/
  2. Install Python: https://www.python.org/downloads/
  3. Install Requirements with install requirements.bat or use steps below if on different OS
  4. Upgrade pip: python -m pip install --upgrade pip
  5. Install Selenium: pip install selenium
  6. Run Bot: python run_me.py
  7. Enter number accounts you want to generate and wait!

Some UK VPNs causes a cookies popup to appear on registration page, if so please uncomment the self.cookies() function from headspace.py. Otherwise use a US VPN instead

Bugs so far

None based on my testing, report if you find any.


  • MacOS, Linux and Windows is supported.
  • If chrome drivers are outdated then download the drivers and place in drivers folder.
  • READ the readme for more information.
  • Bot will stop working once the promotion is over.


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download link not working
worked when used vpn

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Thank you! I tried and it working perfectly… Keep sharing good contents :blush:


doesnt work we simply get a normal account not premium

Here the executable file.

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This would leech the things, please consider putting some restrictions

What sort of restrictions do you have in mind?

Don’t ask about how many accounts, just ask email, if anything goes wrong amid the process, put a downtime for that system for X minutes! Don’t accept the same email once entered locally, put that in used list, and safeguard it from being modified

Don’t accept fake mails, just gmail and other trusted service, block smailpro.com things and fake mail.bot from telegram, this would help a lot

Good ideas, but I don’'t think it will be worth to implement these because Its very likely that this promotion will expire soon.

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Please hello how do you verify email

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Hi @Illicita
Tried following the steps but couldnot find run_me.py or requirements.bat

The Downloaded file has chromiumDriver and account generator exe file. I’ve installed python and selenium. When I run exe file while being connected to UK VPN and after entering the number of account(1), it opens another cmd and says “Devtools something.” And then it just closes.
Can somebody guide me what I’m doing wrong?

Just go through the topic once more

Read Again. Can’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I guess the promotion has expired.

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Yes! It has expired!

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