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Clipper malware targets cryptocurrency wallet addresses during a transaction. A wallet address is like the cryptocurrency version of a bank account number. If you want someone to pay you in cryptocurrency, you give them your wallet address and the payee enters it into their payment details.
Clipper malware hijacks a cryptocurrency transaction by swapping a wallet address with one owned by the malware author. When the user goes to make a payment from their cryptocurrency account, they end up paying the malware author instead of their intended recipient.

This can cause some serious financial damage if the malware manages to hijack a high-value transaction.
Use this program to discover rootkits and remove them.

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VT Report:
4/72 detentions because it accesses clipboard registry to check for files

Note from the creator:

Hello guys,
we’ve detected recently lots of infected tools around the forum which included a bitcoin stealer as known as a bitcoin clipper.
May you asking now: What is that?
The Answer is simple as such malware itself. A Bitcoin stealer replaces a copied address with another one. While sending, most people don’t double or triplecheck their inserted address. Once you click send, the Bitcoin amount will be send to the replaced address and you’ve lost your coins.
How does my tool help:
Once you ran my tool(btc address must be on clipboard before opening), it will detect those stealing programs and will show you the path of process which makes it possible for you to delete it,if nothing appears on console copy any bitcoin address and if there is btc clipper it will be detected.
Can my tool getting patched?
I wont go into dept with details, but I can assure you the way my tool works is non patchable.
If you have such a virus on your computer or wanna just make check that, feel free to download my tool.


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4/72 detentions because it accesses clipboard registry to check for files
This tool is not created my me and Its totally for educational purpose only

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