Bios password reset hp 8470p

someone can help me to reset the bios password of an hp 8470p?


I dont think so, Just tried tò pull out the battery. Didnt work, sorry

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Short answer, You can’t. There are only 2 known ways for that laptop. Change the system board or resolder a new bios chip onto it.

This series of Laptop BIOS passwords are stored in EEPROM chips that don’t require electricity to retain what they store, so removing batteries doesn’t do ANYTHING.

Here’s the thing. This is not supposed to be easy. This isn’t technically supposed to be possible. This security is built into the laptop to make a brick out of a stolen laptop.

Generally, you bypass the BIOS password by contacting the manufacturer and following their instructions. Now, you’ll likely have to prove that this is your laptop.

So if you own it, contact the manufacturer and pay them to remove it. Or else get IT expert programmer to do some dirty stuff by flashing Bios or chips or board replacements, they do know better, but you should be charged no matter which method you use!

Read this forum, and you will get basic information and leads!



Thank for the reply

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I have a bios programmer tool, I don’t know if it will work for that model

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