[BIN] Canva premium accounts for free

Method to create Canva premium accounts for free without cc in less then 5 mins.

1] Go to Canva website and create an account.
2] Use a temp mail from temp-mail .org, just in chase.
3] Go to Confirm your email from the temporary inbox
4] After creating an account hit Try free for 30 days.
5] Choose as payment method yearly.
6] enter card details from below

To get free cc for Canva go to namso-gen .com
use this 543688 at generator to CC for Canva.

Fastest Fingers First :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Working. Thank you!

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It’s working fine. Thanks

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another method is you can get canvo pro if you have github account


Great- do share the complete step by step process with all

Great working.

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Is this for 1 month or for the year?

is there an instance that this will be banned before it gets to a year?

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Thank you @Ruzaid
can you please tell how do you these BIN’s
i have seeing people sharing
i would like to know how you get them.

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nice it’s working :slight_smile:

It’s working!

any other method to get premium account without giving card information?

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Thanks! Working Great

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Holy Shit it worked for the first time thanks bro.

Its working nice man :metal:

Thanks because it is working but this is for one month

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Thanks it working.

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omg, working perfect, thanks so much!

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its working :heart_eyes: thank you

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This works on first time thanks

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