Big List Of Public Resources For Intelligence (OSINT)

This is for educational purposes only all about SEO!

General Search

The main search engines used by users.

โ†‘ Main National Search Engines

Localized search engines by country.

โ†‘ Meta Search

Lesser known and used search engines.

โ†‘ Specialty Search Engines

Search engines for specific information or topics.

โ†‘ Visual Search and Clustering Search Engines

Search engines that scrape multiple sites (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Goo, etc) at the same time and return results.

  • Carrot2 - Organizes your search results into topics.
  • Cluuz - Generates easier to understand search results through graphs, images, and tag clouds.
  • Yippy - Search using multiple sources at once

Similar Sites Search

Find websites that are similar. Good for business competition research.

โ†‘ Document and Slides Search

Search for data located on PDFs, Word documents, presentation slides, and more.

โ†‘ Pastebins

Find information that has been uploaded to Pastebin.

โ†‘ Code Search

Search by website source code

  • CoCaBu - Search engine that augments user query into code-friendly for retrieving precise examples.
  • FaCoY - Search engine that retrieves code examples that are syntactically and semantically similar.
  • NerdyData - Search engine for source code.
  • SearchCode - Help find real world examples of functions, APIโ€™s and libraries across 10+ sources.

โ†‘ Major Social Networks

โ†‘ Real-Time Search, Social Media Search, and General Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

โ†‘ Twitter

โ†‘ Facebook

โ†‘ Google+

โ†‘ Instagram

โ†‘ Pinterest

โ†‘ Reddit

Tools to help discover more about a reddit user or subreddit.

โ†‘ VKontakte

Perform various OSINT on Russian social media site VKontakte.

โ†‘ Tumblr

โ†‘ LinkedIn

  • FTL - Browser plugin that finds emails of peopleโ€™s profiles in LinkedIn.

โ†‘ Blog Search

โ†‘ Forums and Discussion Boards Search

โ†‘ Username Check

โ†‘ People Investigations

โ†‘ E-mail Search / E-mail Check

โ†‘ Phone Number Research

  • National Cellular Directory - was created to help people research and reconnect with one another by performing cell phone lookups. The lookup products includes have billions of records that can be accessed at any time, as well as free searches one hour a day, every day.
  • NumSpy-API - find details of any mobile number in india for free and get a JSON formated output, inspired by NumSpy.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup - Detailed information about phone carrier, region, service provider, and switch information.
  • Spy Dialer - Get the voicemail of a cell phone & owner name lookup.
  • Twilio - Look up a phone numbers carrier type, location, etc.
  • Phone Validator - Pretty accurate phone lookup service, particularly good against Google Voice numbers.

โ†‘ Expert Search

โ†‘ Company Research

โ†‘ Job Search Resources

โ†‘ Q&A Sites

โ†‘ Domain and IP Research

โ†‘ Keywords Discovery and Research

โ†‘ Web History and Website Capture

โ†‘ Language Tools

โ†‘ Image Search

โ†‘ Image Analysis

โ†‘ Stock Images

โ†‘ Video Search and Other Video Tools

โ†‘ Radio and Podcasts Tools

โ†‘ Academic Resources and Grey Literature

โ†‘ Books and Reading

โ†‘ Geospatial Research and Mapping Tools

โ†‘ News

โ†‘ News Digest and Discovery Tools

โ†‘ Fact Checking

โ†‘ Data and Statistics

โ†‘ Web Monitoring

โ†‘ Bookmarking

โ†‘ Startpages

โ†‘ Browsers

โ†‘ Offline Browsing

โ†‘ VPN Services

โ†‘ Note-taking

โ†‘ Annotation Tools


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