BestBuy Refund After Return Expired Date 💰

BestBuy Refund After Return Expired date :moneybag:

Ok for this method it is going to basically be social engineering , and pretty easy this can be combined with methods that allow you to get free items with this method as well.

  • First your going to want a product that says you can’t return it anymore then open up best buy , and contact their live chat support when you do they will ask for your problem.

  • Give them an order id , or whatever they will say it is no longer available complain , and tell them how this item was a gift, and the person you bought it for no longer wants it as it doesn’t work right anymore.

  • They will tell you there is nothing you can do , and just keep being persistent on how it doesn’t work right anymore usually they will tell you something along the lines of " I can give you a return label to return it , but they won’t accept they will just send it back to you. " when they say this say yes please email me my return forum for my item.

  • The Best buy warehouse will accept the item , and as soon as they do you will receive your refund to your original payment method.

  • If they don’t mention it ask for a return forum which I recommend doing at first by acting like you don’t know whats going on saying " For some reason it won’t let me create a return order myself , so I came here that way you can for me " or something along those lines. This can be useful doing other return methods to get items completely free , or just to return some old shit you no longer want.