Best Premium Leeching Site

Hello everyone,

Last two days, I was thinking of buying a premium membership of Leeching site. Meanwhile I got myself too much confuse to buy membership among many of them.

Waiting for experienced fellows for their fair opinion. Your every opinion is important to me :green_heart:

Till then,
Happy learning :revolving_hearts:


mega nz is the most useful of the lot. And if not, most of the premium shares I’ve found at still at Rapidshare or Nitro.

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I was mainly perplexed in between deepbrid vs debrid-link vs alldebrid

alldebrid is one of the best and oldest out there…have a look


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i first started using real-debrid which is good. torrenting through their servers never failed me download speed was always good, and soon as a filehost went down it didnt take long for them to fix it. i am currently trying out debrid-link mainly because there is a wider variety of filehosts. debrid-link has more limits and has a 30-day quota which resets of 2tb in torrenting. my opinion if you have a huge list of files say you have a torrent that has rar 1-1000 or a bunch of folders with long filenames. torrents that are like that debrid-link cant handle, i tried downloading a udemy couse from somewhere which had lots of folders and files and it didnt work out. so if you plan on downloading stuff like that i recommend real debrid its dirt cheap as well and gets you by. debrid-link if you want the wider variety in file host.

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Thanks, appreciate your opinions

alldebrid is the best! I’ve been using it for years and the service was always excellent!

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if you want to leech for free, check this comprehensive list:

If you want to pay, try using it for ages.

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