AZ-900 Exam Questions

I’m Planning to write AZ-900 Certification but cannot find any questions to practise, is there any materials of pdf which can help

I am 6 months late, but still this will help others…

  1. Microsoft Learn — Azure Fundamentals (
  2. Azure Sandbox (You can try some Azure Services without creating a subscription)
  3. Azure Subscription (e.g. Azure Free Account with valid credit card provided, Azure Student Account)
  4. Azure Exercises (
  5. A series of Youtube videos on questions types (
  6. Azure Practice Exam at Linux Academy (7 days free trial) (I didn’t try this, but it’s free, why not have a try?)

The Fundamentals learning path: , azure docs: and some youtube videos like this one : with practice questions will definitely make sure you pass it.


I’ve some, dm me


Better late than never… Fantabulous share… :ok_hand: :hugs:

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