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Coding for a newsletter or email design manually is not an easy task. To simplify this process, there are now many free open source email templates that you can download, then modify or edit to your heart’s content.

So this post features some of the best sites to get email templates all for free. Some can be built on top of a provided basic template while others have ready-made frameworks and components which you can piece together. So without any further ado, let’s jump onto the list. (Source: hongkiat)


Salted is a responsive HTML email template which can be used as a base for an email template. This clean template is used on Litmus email newsletters. The styling for displaying open-source-email-templates/ is already optimized and you can use the percentage tables, or the media queries to keep everything fluid.


Cerberus are responsive email patterns that you can use to adapt a regular email design into a responsive one, fairly easily. There are two kinds of templates, one with media queries, and one without, for fluid layouts (sizes itself regardless of media query support).

Responsive HTML Email Template

There are two kinds of HTML email templates here, an inlined version and a non-inlined version that can be used on a marketing service like Mailchimp, as is. This email template is tested on major email clients, both mobile and desktop.

Email Blueprints

You can find about 25 general templates and 6 responsive templates here, which are built especially for MailChimp users.


An email template designed to work on major devices and email platforms, this template uses MailChimp blueprints as a base, and is tested and reviewed for compatibility and re-structured for Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and other services.


Ink is a framework you can use to quickly build responsive HTML emails that will work on any device or for any email client. Ink includes a 12-column grid with some UI elements for quick prototyping.

Transactional Email Templates

A responsive template for transactional emails, you can find 3 templates here: for action email, email alerts and for billing. All templates have been tested on popular email clients.


Antwort offers a responsive email template that lets you use columsn on desktop then adapt to rows when you are on smaller mobile screens. There are also templates included for single-column, double-column or three-column (with open-source-email-templates/) use.

Responsive Email

A table based yet responsive email template, with Mailchimp merge tags in place. Although it has only one template, you can spice things up with the many layout options available.

Email Framework

Email Framework offers pre-build components you can use to build a responsive HTML email template. It also includes boilerplate.html, a base HTML file that can be edited.


Zenith is an email framework made using SASS. It features a responsive grid, easy to control layout, typography, colour schemes and others using SASS variables.

Shopify HTML Email Templates

You will find 10 templates here that deals with things like welcoming new users, activation of accounts, refund notifications, shipping updates, password reset and more.


Passion is pre-designed email template with responsive support. It gives off a minimalistic, cleancut and simple vibe.

Responsive HTML email templates

Here’s a responsive email template with compatibility with all major email clients, made with well commented and readable code. There are three templates (general, promotional and explorational) with different color schemes.


Here’s a flat responsive newsletter template that is compatible with almost all email clients.

Responsive Email

Want something super simple, just the basics? You got it. Follow the three steps you need to set this email template for your own use.


Get two templates, one for a weekly update template and another as a signup template provided by Web Design Weekly.


On top of templates, Gleemail lets you build HTML email templates with Mustache and style them with Stylus.


Mosaico is an open source email tempalte editor and you can find two templates provided for free, which you can play with. Edit, drag and drop and fiddle with the components inside.

Postmark Templates

There are 3 templates available here, a welcome email, a reset password email and a receipt email, all provided by Postmark templates. If you want to take a look at their appearance, follow their blog post about it.

EightMedia boilerplate

Find a boilerplate to build your email template on. A basic template has been provided. You can write code on Jade. SASS and automatic CSS inlining have been included to make your work easier.


Bella is a clean, bright and modern free multi-purpose email template. It is available in HTML and PSD format.


Find responsive email templates that were used for giffgaff marketing emails here. Download the templates from GitHub here.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has released more than 100 free email templates for download. There are 36 templates that can be previewed on the page, while the rest of them can be downloaded with the “Download All” link at the bottom.

Responsive Email Template

A responsive email template, adapted for mobile use made by Rachel Beser.



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