Automation Anywhere Advanced Certification Exam Worth 50$ Free!!!!

Hi friends Grab this opportunity to get certified as an RPA Professional . Free Advanced certification worth 50$ from RPA giant Automation anywhere, offer till 9th 5pm and if you pass the exam you will get a free coupon for attending the Master certification worth 100$ valid till december 30 2020.
Go to
Login or signup
Click on Certification
Advanced Rpa Profesional A2019
you will see the payment interface and Appy coupon section on the top right.

Use coupon " IA2020ADVCER " and click apply.
You will see discount of 50$ and take the exam.
I reccomend to take the free learning trails before taking the exam as there is only 2 chance for the exam and thus also getting chance to get the Master certification Exam

Best wishes!!:star_struck:


Thanks man

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Thanks I’ve registered. It works fine.

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thanks a lot brother, I’ve enrolled for the exam successfully, by what date are we supposed to complete the exam and get certified, as I’ve no clue what’s it all about, so reading things will take time.

coupon is valid till 9th 5 pm . i think its like we are purchasing the exam .so there will be no limit probably but the masters exam validity is till december 30

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Thanks, hopefully I’ll be able to make it

Thank you @Renjith_V_R

Posting the screenshot that might help the people to prepare for the certification.

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Since this is expired can someone still give me some other coupon code or account from which you did applied for certification but never went for it? This would be a very big help.

Has anyone received the Masters coupon yet?